Get social again!

Aimy Rock is your platform for doing things together. Find various events and organize your own ones.

We believe in the benefit of
a sharing culture

That’s why Aimy Rocks helps to organize your event supply. Hosts are asking for things, guests tell what they’ll bring – it’s quite as simple as it sounds.

We want to refresh
your habits

So what about litle adventures? Just drop by at a party or event of others (strangers) and make new friends.

We make it easy
for you

That’s why Aimy Rocks shows you the things going on nearby. The hardest part will be only deciding where to go.

Wanna try out?

Chose the event you like, apply for it and tell the host what you bring with you – and if he/she accepts, you’re in! We can’t wait to hear about you experiences with Aimy Rocks.

For hosts

What is happening?

Fill in all necessary details for your event.

What do you need?

Aks for the supply you want your guests to bring.

Who gets your address?

Safety first! It’s always up to you who gets access.